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Saturday, April 9, 2011


It's 5:30 in the morning here. Again, I am awake at 5:30. Ugh. My eyes feel heavy, but I just can't imagine staying in bed any longer. It would be okay if I had something to look forward to, a reason that I can't the expectation of opening Christmas presents.

I always loved that feeling. You hear so many people that go around looking for their Christmas gifts and opening them and re-wrapping them before the big day. Or arranging with people to get specific things and knowing what the gifts are before opening. But what's the fun in that? Can't they remember the fun of looking at an eight inch square box sealed shut with red and green paper and double secured with gold ribbon and wondering what's inside? It could be almost anything (and if you had ingenious parents then it really could be anything) a magic eight ball, a 45 record, a shoe (or two if you had small feet), a ceramic to add to your collection, a picture of the new bike in the trunk of Dad's car. Anything.

Did Christmas morning and the surprise of it all keep you from sleeping when you were a kid? Does it still keep you up? Does it keep your kids from waking up every hour on the hour until the time you said they could wake you up? I have a feeling the fun and surprise of Christmas is losing its edge.

Nowadays, people buy themselves things whenever they want nowadays and don't save things for those special gift giving days. Soon, there will be no reason for Christmas or birthday celebrations. All of the excitement and expectations will be gone. No reason to have sleepless nights waiting for the sun to rise on a special day. I think I'll take an Ambien, go buy that mechanical bank I saw on eBay and go back to bed.

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