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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


If you could have one attribute in EVERY person you came in contact with what would it be? I know that the differences in people's personalities is what makes each person an individual. But, there are only a finite number of characteristics that people can have so therefore there are a finite number of personalities out there. If there were a law, which characteristic should each person have?

Honesty? I have seen Liar, Liar, that could be a problem. Bravery? If everyone were brave, then there wouldn't be anyone to be brave for so no one would need to be brave. Forgiving? Generous? Hard-Working? All of theses are good traits and needed, to some degree, in everyone.

I think the one thing that has been lacking in so many people these days is a lack of self-respect. Well, maybe it isn't a complete lack, but self-respect definitely is becoming a low-priority in the character trait list. If self-respect were increased in people wouldn't so many other characteristics just naturally follow along?

For instance, Optimism would be increased, you feel better about yourself, you feel better about many other things and have a positive outlook. With Self-Respect, Respect of others would also follow along, especially if those people also had self-respect. Your sensitivity would increase, responsibility and reliability would rise as well as so many others traits.

I think I will work more on increasing my self-respect and maybe people around me will increase theirs.

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