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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Starsky & Hutch

I have recently taken possession of the Starsky and Hutch series and I am in the middle of the first episode. I remember sitting down every week with my sister and watching Starsky and Hutch. We would watch and, as young girls did, laid claims to the cops as 'ours'. I can't would be willing to be that neither of us wanted to tell the other which guy we liked better, because we didn't want the other to think we copied or just said the other just so it wouldn't look like we were copying. We probably each wrote down our choice and swapped notes.

With wonderful luck, we each chose a different character. Debi loved Starsky and I, Hutch. How horrible would it have been if we were vieing for the affections of the same guy. Which, I believe never happened in our sisterly history.

How about you? David Starsky or Ken Hutchinson?

PS. I am glad I didn't realize at the time that they were the same age as my parents!

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