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Sunday, September 11, 2011


As everyone is doing this week, I am remembering the attacks on American soil 10 years ago. Everyone always goes into what they were doing and thinking. So, this is my memory.

I had gotten to work just before 9am. Shortly after arriving, the owner of the company called and said a plane hit the World Trade Center building. We went into her office to her little 3" TV/radio throwback from an earlier century and began watching the events. It only took a few minutes to send maintenance upstairs to the attic and set up an old TV. I studied and watched the office remained silent and unproductive. I began to notice a wavering and felt the building was going to fall. It did, although not in the way I thoguht it would. Indeed, it fell. They fell. I, we, could not stop watching. We watched for hours. We watched for days. And we still watch.

We now look back on the events of that day and still ask the same questions. There are too many Whys and Hows that are still being asked about that day.  Do we need to LIVE in the past to survive the future? Can we learn from past mistakes. Maybe, but I believe for learning to actually work, we all have to want to learn at the same time. ALL OF US.

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