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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dried Beef Gravy

It is a good Saturday morning here. A beautiful sun shining that isn't planning on being too overwhelming. I decided to splurge for breakfast and popped a Stouffers boil-n-bag on the stove and bread in the toaster. It was a Dried Beef Gravy morning.

As I stood lightly buttering my toast waiting for the gravy to finish up I recalled the nights that Mom decided on Dried Beef Gravy for dinner. Sometimes we would have it over mashed potatoes with peas on the side (I liked mine on top or mixed in). Other nights, when it was hot, a lighter meal was wanted, we had it over toast. I recall everyone pitching in and helping. Mom on gravy, two of us on toast, one on table duty and one on beverages. It was a to make meal when we all worked together. And, now, years later, even when it isn't homemade, Dried Beef Gravy warms my belly and my memory.

Do you remember one of your favorite family meals?

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  1. Yes! Dad's porkchops!!!!! I made the mashed potatoes, he made the gravy.....And I cleaned up his mess from cooking!!!!! It is a warm and fuzzy memory.....