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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cattle Info

After my post from yesterday, I did a little research on 'cows'...cattle to answer a few of my questions... Angus, not only is the type of cow-bred with no horns- but it is the Celtic god of love and beauty...SOOOO, this type of cattle is the original Black Beauty! Angus cattle are from Scotland...and so are many of my ancestors, so this is my kind of cow!!!

There are two different colors of Angus cattle...Black Angus, which is all black and Red Angus, which is all red (there is an exception to the "all" designation, their udders are often white). They are considered "different" breeds but I think I might take a stand on that sometime and argue against it.

Not only are Angus good for their beef but also their dairy output.

And, according to Wikipedia, there appear to be thousands of different kinds of cattle. In my book, a cow is a cow is a cow.

PS-the oreo cow is called a Belted Galloway and I knew that before my research!

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