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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Okay, I am a little bit freaked out. Last night, on the way home, and this morning, running errands, I passed and was passed several times by what appeared to be caravans of Toyota FJ Cruisers. Each time I was passed there were at least 15 cars in the line. It is really freaky. It had to be planned parades

First off these vehicles are a little weird looking when they are by themselves or in regular traffic... Wow! what kind of vehicle is that? When you see two right near each other it is like, wow. That is weird. Last night seeing one after the other pass me going north the thought was must be a club or something. Today...on my way to the post office my thoughts have moved on to...was there something going on, were we being invaded? Then, when a third parade of FJ Cruisers passes me in 18 hours, I wonder what I am missing. What is so great about these...vehicles.

Okay, maybe all three groups was just the same group all three times...maybe, but still, a very large coincidence that I am on the road the same time as this group has decided to drive around.

HEY...maybe they were filming a commercial?????Look for me, I'll be the one with the puzzled look on her face.

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