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Monday, October 24, 2011


In honor of Halloween, I am watching Halloween. Recently I posted that I haven't seen a really good scary movie lately and that is still true. But I like the movie Halloween. It's fun. Now. I am pretty sure I didn't watch it when it originally came out because I would have only been 14 (still a month from 15) and, even now, wracking my memory, I can't recall the first time I saw the scream queen in her glory.

Tonight, the first thing I thought of when the host of the scary evening, George Romero, came on welcoming me to the scary movie night with Halloween, was the only thing scary I see are those glasses. Now, watching this movie, trying to get into the fun of being scared, They keep putting pop-ups about the movie, how it was made, and information about the actors. I think I am changing the channel, and I think I know why I don't get scared anymore...

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