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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Proper Attire

Okay, now really, let's get serious. What would have happened back in the olden days (I was really pinpointing when I was a kid but it really goes for any amount of years ago...) I take that back, I don't do this...people dressed the way then as they do now.

I know the hot button topic these days are over-sized pant dragging down to the ground, the waistline deep below the hips frequently below the wearers crotch. Ugh. Well, This is not what this monologue is about.

I would like to point out the "Jammie" patrol. I was in the grocery store the other day and there were several people walking around in their pajamas. When did it become okay to roll out from between the covers, open the fridge door to realize that there is no milk and you run to the store in what you slept in? My mother freaks out...heck, I freak out. Back in the day, that would have been considered indecent exposure.

Okay, I will slack up a bit and release some of this pent up frustration for children under the age of 6. These people that I watched in the store and see frequently around here and there are adults...This particular day...MEN. Do they not know that we know that their plaid light jersey 'pant' with a torn t-shirt is a set of JAMMIES. Please friends, help you friends find their self respect and not let them leave the house in sleeping attire!

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