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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Children Then and Now

Yesterday at work, because school was on a teacher's work day, a kid came to work with his father. The only thing I will say about his behavior is that he was a kid and the longer he stayed the more visible he became. I wanted to talk about a little comparison.

When he came into the office, he immediately walked over to an empty desk and sat in the chair. His father came in, tapped his shoulder and told him to get out of the chair. In my day, had we walked into Mom's (or Dad's) office, we would have walked in door and waited for instruction. We would not have just jumped on the only open chair in the room. Of course, I don't know if Dad had instructed this boy, but with the fact that he was immediately booted out of the seat, he hadn't been.

Entering a friend's home we would never walk into the room and jump into any available seat. We would have waited for an invite into a specific seat, or, if there were none, grab a seat on the floor. Sometimes, I still enter a room and 'cop a squat' on the floor...It feels good to know I can still get down there AND get back up.

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