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Sunday, April 8, 2012


If you know me, I am not really religious. But I have had a, kind of, religious background. Sunday school church, etc as a kid. My parents allowed each of their children, when they became old enough, to decide on their own life's meaning, paths and goals, including on the religious front. (Man, that sounds so stuffy, but I think you get what I mean.)

I have decided attending church and group spiritual experiences are not something that I need to participate in at this time in my life. BUT I do look back onto my past church-going days and have some snapshot memories.

This Easter, my snapshot memories include a palm frond spending nearly a year on Mom's favorite picture in the Living Room, saving it for next year's Ash Wednesday service. Another, of course, coloring eggs at the newspaper covered dining room table with my sisters. Waking up one Easter, watching Mom and Dad searching for that one last egg that didn't get found, and discovering that it was probably the one hidden in the door's mail slot. It had apparently slid down into the door. The look on their faces when they realized that later in the week/month, Easter will revisit them in the form of odor with nothing they can do about it.

This Easter, will be a quiet one for me, just spending quiet day at home...planning our attack on the after Easter candy sales at the store!!!

Happy Easter.

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