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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today is Love Your Pet Day

I have only one pet left in my life...Little Lizzie. Her full name is Lizzie Andrew Borden. She is a Seal/Lavender Point Siamese.  In fact, our family collected Siamese cats, breathing ones as well as the little figurines. Breathing Siameses (Siamis? hmmm) include, Sheeba (GrGrandma's) Sam, Tinker, Scamp and Lizzie. When Lizzie decides to return to her homeland of Siam, another adoption will probably take place within a few months (even though Mom says, 'Never Again') 

The little figurines that were collected were collected by Mom. Although we all loved each of them dearly. If we were to count the collection would have pushed 200 figurines, pictures and other doodads.  As with many things, during moves and life, accidents happen and some 'deaths' occur. Some are very hurtful. 

Paring down, Mom has decided to put her ceramic, stone and other cats up for adoption at HandMeDownHaven in hopes that a new family would love the babies as ours did...As of this printing, only a small number of cats have been inventoried and more will follow in the coming weeks and months. Remember, adoption is the 'green' thing to do.

If you don't like cats (WHAT?!?) or collect something else, we have that too!
Have Fun Searching!

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