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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


On this day in 1927, Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover read a speech in Washington DC. In New York City, an audience saw a small, 3" image of Mr. Hoover and heard his words, at the same time. The first time this had ever happened. Now, just think of how we communicate today. 

Here I sit, in my little chair, at a little desk, in my little house, in my little neighborhood, not far from a little town, in a little state, in a little country, on a little continent, on a little planet called Earth. This little planet is the only one of its kind in a solar system Earthlings call (um, I don't think I thought this through...) The Solar System. Our little solar system lives in the galaxy called The Milky Way. The Milky way is just one galaxy of hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe.  What lies beyond the universe? No one knows, heck, there are theories, nothing, other universes...but in reality, nobody knows. The 'edge' (if there is one) is so far away that we cannot see beyond it. For all we know, the edge of the universe is a dome of glass and we are just somebody's "snow globe". Just another theory...

Rewind. For all we know, beyond the edge of the universe is another universe, our mirror universe...See Fringe on Fox.

Rewind. For all we know, beyond the edge of the universe is nothing. We are all just flying though space going toward the what might be out there. Space, the final frontier. Gene Roddenberry is a genius and prophet. Long Live Star Trek.

If you would like to participate in the phenomenon called Star Trek, please see my site (sorry, I can't help it, I have your undivided attention, I have to try) and take a gander at my collection of Star Trek memorabilia for sale.

Have Fun Searching!

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