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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lapel Pin

Today I stumbled upon a lapel pin with initials engraved upon it.  The initials are M E L. For so long, this pin just sat in the jewelry box with no known history. Today, I put two and two together and discovered (i think) the previous owner of this pin. Margaret E Logan would have been my Great Step Aunt. Or would that be Step-Great Aunt.  Okay, the easy way. My grandmother and she would have been step-sisters. Since they were 25 and 24 years old when their parents married, I would assume their relationship was probably just passing. Holidays maybe. By the time Warner and Olive married, my grandmother had been married and had just had her fourth baby. 

I know nothing of Margaret. And now, that grandma is not around to chat, it is hard to learn about that branch of the family tree. Someday I may learn about her, about them. To be able to have a story to place with the faces in the photographs I know are kin to her will be a nice treat.

I recommend, to everyone, talk with each other. Write stuff down. It doesn't matter if the grammar is bad, if it is only a few sentences. Someone, sometime down the line will want to know. I want to know. And I wish I had taken more time to listen to the stories... Remember...

Keep on Searching!

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  1. Wow, you continue to amaze me when you find this buried info....You really should go into research, you seem to never tire of digging.