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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Star Trek

Today I found out that Christie's, the auction house, started a three day auction featuring Star Trek memorabilia. The items have come from CBS Paramount Television Studios and include costumes, blueprints, furniture and more. The only item and sale price noted in the piece was the chair that Jean Luc Picard used to boldly go where no man had gone before (which isn't really right, because no one ever said, 'what the heck are you.' or 'I've never seen anything that looked like you before.' OR 'shlumpke pe merpkel moe.' Captain Picard's chair was estimated to sell for $9,000. Once the floor, phone and internet bids were tallied, the chair went to an unnamed bidder for $52k. I know what I could do with 52thousand dollars and it isn't a dyed, fake leather chair with buttons that don't do anything when you press them. Sorry, I like Star Trek, but I am not, how shall I say this delicately, NUTS! (Well, some may say I am, never mind)

For instance, I admit, and advertise, that I purchased the little dolls, I mean action figures of four of the main characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I now offer them for sale (do I hear $52k?) at my web store. We also happen to have an unopened sheet of Original Star Trek stickers, AND two different Christmas ornaments featuring Star Trek vehicles. You see, Dad was an original Star Trek Fan, and so therefore, we kids were as well (Mom didn't quite get it, what a square). Each time a new series or movie came out we all were charged up. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Why, do you ask am I ready to part ways with the memory of Star Trek with Dad? Space, the final frontier, I don't have enough!!!

To see some of my Star Trek memorabilia, click here and, in the search box, type Star Trek.

For more information on the above mentioned auction, you can read more at this USAToday page.

Have Fun Searching!


  1. I still have a Spock figurine. How much could I get for it? I love Bones. Patti loved Captain Kirk and KiKi loved Spock. I think that is right.

  2. What kind of a Spock figurine???I can do some research for you if you like.