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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Did you ever wonder what would have happened if just one event never happened in your life? For instance, what if my parents had never moved the family to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1978? How would my life have been different? How would my family's lives been different?

Would I be doing this blogging right now? Would I be the owner of my own webstore? I know there would be people I would not have ever met-Paul, Annette, Ron, Heather, Nick, KC-Phil, John, John, John, John, Jeff, Mitch, Laura, well, you all know who you are. And, to extend the thought, would I ever have met Kathy, Marlena, Mack, Mark, Charles, Kimberly, Michele, Shannon, Heather, Mark, Anne, Evan, Tracy...

It really is mind-boggling. Then, think, if I hadn't met you, how would your lives be different?

If we had not moved from "The Lane" in 1978, who else would I have met. Would I have gone into the choral group, theater program at Woodbridge High? Would I have gone onto the yearbook staff as I did in Minnesota? Would I have joined a similar freshman orientation programs as I did at the University of Minnesota?

Okay, I have a headache. I am going to stop thinking about this and...
Have Fun Searching

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