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Monday, April 5, 2010

Interesting Connection

If you have read my blog Celebrate Today, you know that on this day in 1920, author, Arthur Hailey was born. No, not author, Alex Haley, who wrote the mega-thick book Roots ( I am about half way through-Stephen King has nothing on him!!), which became a record breaking mini-series in the 1970's. Arthur Hailey was born the year before Alex Haley and across the pond in England. He moved to Canada at the age of 27 and then, to avoid income taxes, moved to The Bahamas. He is most known for his industry novels including, Hotel, Airport, Runway Zero-Eight, Wheels and Detective. Airport was made into a movie (and spawned several sequels) and starred Burt Lancaster, George Kennedy and a host of others; Detective was a made for TV movie with Tom Berenger and Cybill Shepherd; Hotel was a short-lived series starring Connie Selleca and James Brolin. As for Runway Zero-Eight it began as a Canadian TV movie (Flight Into Danger), then made into a large screen film (Zero Hour!), then became the novel, (did you notice the different titles?). ANYWAY...Today is the anniversary of his birth.

The Interesting Connection this day has, is this: In 2008, Charlton Heston died. Isn't that an interesting conncetion?? Okay, I' connect it for you. Charlton Heston starred in Airport '75, one of the movie sequels to birthday boy, Arthur Hailey's Airport. Isn't that coincidental? Here is another coininkidink...Howard Hughes died on this day too, only in 1976. Okay, what's the coincidence? Howard Hughes practically invented flying...I know you heard it was the Wright Brothers, well, they helped, but, if it weren't for Howard Hughes there would be no TWA (well, there isn't anymore, but that is beside the point), there would be no H-4 Hercules (aka The Spruce Goose-what would all those tourists in LA do if they couldn't go see that plane?). He also set TONS of aviation records in speed and distance. If you don't believe me see the movie The Aviator (and maybe just for fun, Melvin and Howard, which really  has nothing to do with flying).

AAAND...If it hadn't been for him, Mom may never have worked for Northwest Airlines, because it may not have bought Republic which was the merged airlines of Southern, North Central and (hello, you knew I would get here eventually) Hughes Airwest-the last airline Howard Hughes owned.

Okay, so this has nothing what-so-ever to do with my webstore, except I have a needle kit that has flying machines all over the cover of it. I just thought I would celebrate Go For Broke Day!

Have Fun Searching!!!

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