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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Time is a funny thing. A funny thing indeed. "Time flies when your having fun" is one of the most repeated idioms ever.  I think "Time flies" also the older you get.

It seems like even before you get used to writing April, it is May. When I was a kid, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas took FOREVER. Summer vacations were splendid and seemed to last FOREVER! We played the the gang on the cul-de-sac, spent time camping as much as possible with the girl scouts and on alternating summers, visited with cousins in Massachusetts.

All of those summers in Mass are filled will more memories than I can remember (I crack myself up!). I have 5 Massachusetts cousins. Mib (5 years older), Stb (4 years older) Lob (3 years older) Keb (2 weeks younger) and Mab (7 years younger). Deb and I would spend our time with Lob and Keb, we were each others favorites. Oh, the trouble we didn't get into but probably should have. But it was all petty.

They lived in several houses, but my favorite was the four story (I think) Victorian Style home. A game we used to play was unraveling the string on the inside of a golf ball. We would crack the shell and stand on the third floor balcony and drop the ball over the side holding onto the end of the string. The first one that got to the cork center, won. If the string broke, which it frequently did, you had to go down to the ground below the balcony and get the ball and go back up to the balcony and continue on your way.  The Kicker??? No running in the house. Uncle Don would blow a gasket. Oh, man, was it ever hard to not run in the middle  of a race.

Other great memories I may touch on in the next few weeks...Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather; Midnight Snacks; The Attic; and more...if I can get permission from the other members of the gang... Do you have a great memory of a summer with cousins???

Have Fun Searching!

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