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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I was watching one of Bonnie Hunt's last shows and she gave away a Flip Video Camera and was amazed at the size. This thing is no bigger than your hand, height, width and thickness. I remember going to a high school class on making movies...hmm, I wonder where that film is....sorry, I got distracted. 

My assignments were created on my parent’s handmedown movie camera. The Kodak Brownie Fun Saver Movie Camera (CM10157)  was made in the 1960’s and is a wonderful WIND UP camera, no batteries and no wires. Just add a roll of 8mm film (still available at an internet store near you), wind it up, choose your light level and press the go button. You are now an instant director , producer and cinematographer.

I believe that all of my early family films were taken with this camera, the ones where I am scooting across the floor trying to catch the telephone; the ones when we were stuck in a mud puddle on our way to a park, funny, the mud puddle was at a park (see the stills on my FB page). The trip in California with Grandma. Old silent movies are wonderful aren’t they…you get to add your own narration every time, just like on Mystery Science Theater 3000. (Dad loved that show-how cheezy).

I think I will go look for my projector and relive some history and will
Have Fun Searching…

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