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Monday, May 31, 2010

Le Purse

How did we get where we are today? I am prepping for a wedding this weekend and have to choose the right accessories. I have settled on an eggshell colored crocheted purse. I really wanted to use the enameled mesh purse, unfortunately it is a little small for the tissues, phone and a few other items I need to carry.

I look back a few decades and (since I only have TV and movies to use for comparison) notice the sizes of the purses that the women carried and look at the ones I (and my fellow females) carry now. Okay, take away the cell phone and I take away a pocket. What the heck do I feel like I need to carry that women then didn’t.

Don’t cringe, here it goes. Checkbook; card and photo wallet; change purse; make-up bag; supply bag; miscellaneous bag (pills, clipper, nail file, gum, mints, etc); schedule calendar; notebook & pen; 2 spare shopping bags; cell phone; camera. Well that is about it. Can you think of anything I can keep out of it? I can’t.

What did Lucy carry in her handbag?

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