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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Limerick Day

In Honor Of Limerick Day...

There once was a dog named Bosco
Whose ears always seemed to grow
They grew ever longer
And grew ever stronger
Til soon they were apropos

Oh Lilly was a puppy dog
Who loved to hunt inside a bog
A rat she’d snatch
Then later catch
A great big green old frog.

There once was a pup named lilly
Who thought the air was a chilly
She ran to her ma
And then to her pa
Then under a blanket with Willy

There once was a girl name Kiki
Whose bones were a little squeaky
She slurped up some oil
With a bit of top soil
Then they were only a’creaky

There once was a man from Japan
Who liked a wee girl named joanne
With candy in hand
And flowers so grand
He found out she liked Miss Suzanne

Little fly from Pasadena
Used to live with a dry cleaner
But everyone knows
How the story goes
Other grass is always greener

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