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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strauss and Davis

On this day in 1873, a patent was issued to a couple of guys who would change history.  They didn't set out to do it but history was changed nonetheless.  I am sure they just thought they were trying to help out some fellas with a durable alternative to what was considered standard. Now, I would be surprised if a single person in the USofA did not have one. (maybe under the age of 1).

Have you ever wondered if something you do now would shape, alter or otherwise create history, say, in 100 years? The fact that you stopped and helped someone fix a flat, or pitched in that $2 at the grocery line because the lady in front of you was short. Maybe you wrote a poem on your granddaughter’s birthday card and, in 100 years, it is the most used poem on cards. You may not get credit but if you hadn’t written it in the first place, it never would be there.

Today we mark the ‘birth’ of the Blue Jean. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis sewed up a pair of pants made of a durable cotton material, added a few copper rivets in the most vulnerable places so that they wouldn't pull apart. Today, jeans are more than a pair of pants, some feel they are life. With different types, styles, brands and colors, jeans can be casual, dressy and anything in between. 

How many do you have?

Have Fun Searching…

PS, I have 12 pair, of course I can’t wear 7 of them, at least ‘til I lose a few.

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