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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nun as Good

At a rest area along the aforementioned ‘strip’, were two Franciscan Nuns in full regalia and, I believe, another nun dressed in more civilian clothes, but of the same chocolate color as the nun’s habits. I know they were Franciscan Nuns because Mom asked and they told her. If you know Mom, you know that she is not shy and will talk to anyone. Not that talking to nuns is a bad thing.

Anyway, I bring it up only because, as we were coming out of the building, a small bus was unloading passengers. The  Asian tour group had spotted the nuns and were buzzing around the three women taking videos and still pictures of the (to them apparently) anomaly.

The whole scene was precious. I guess Americans may act the same seeing an orange clad monk walking at a rest area in Tokyo or Hong Kong.

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