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Friday, June 18, 2010


Bad news abound. Maybe we have had a rash of good news. One of our favorite bartenders, accidentally hit a tree with her car when it ran out in the road at her.  She was not wearing her seat belt.  Lucky for her she only broke her nose, her ankle in two places and received various scrapes and bruises. The car did not come out as well.

Mom's friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, it was caught early, grade 0.  She will have a great number of choices at hand. She also has a score of friends in town to help her and support her.

My neighbor, is in the hospital with intestinal problems. He is living my worst nightmare...NO FOOD. I wish him well and hope the dam breaks soon and he can have a great spinach salad with homegrown tomatoes, fresh shredded Parmesan, walnuts, black bean and corn salsa and grilled chicken.

Oh, phooey, I made my self hungry!

I wish all of our friends who have been recently thrown a low blow good wishes. I do hope you try and think of good things.

Pollyanna Patty

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