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Saturday, July 3, 2010


My dad loved Independence Day! He would get so excited that he would almost shiver and jump up and down, like a kid on Christmas Eve. He would spend a boatload of money on fireworks.  Of course, we kids loved the sparklers. Dad would light them and we would spell our names out in the air. I think I liked the snakes too…they would ooze out of their little box like a little volcano spewing out a ashy black snake.  Spinners were fun too.  At that time you could have little bottle rockets and of course, Dad had to have those too! We were the hit house on the neighborhood on the 4th of July.

But, with years of home-lit fireworks, I think my most memorable Fourth was in 1976. Mom and Dad worked downtown Alexandria and we were invited to go to the top of the building and watch the Washington DC fireworks from up there. What a blast! That was the best display of sparklers I have ever seen! I still remember the pictures that were painted in the sky by the exploding packages of color. The most vivid in my memory is the American Flag. I don’t understand how they got the red and white stripes . I get the field of blue with white stars, that would be kinda easy.  I still give Jimmy Carter ALL of the credit.

Do you have a favorite fourth memory?

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