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Friday, July 2, 2010

Independence Day

Today is the beginning of the Independence Day weekend. Independence Day is supposed to be a celebration of the colonies of the new world breaking free from its oppresive ruler, England. I think the reason has been lost after all of the time that has past. Now, (as with most holidays now) it is just a reason to have a day off. A day to go to the park, beach or your backyard to eat (foods that are now deemed bad for you), drink and be merry.  

Let’s try and take a moment and think about what those men in Philadelphia went through mentally and emotionally the days and months before the actual declaration and voting. How about the year before hand? The years? What was ‘done’ to push them enough to basically say , “Stop” to their oppressors? Reasons are very often buried under the outcome. 

What is your favorite Independence Day movie? Okay, right, let me rephrase…What is your favorite movie about the history of the founding of the US? One of mine is 1776…I know, not one really a 5* movie, but it came out at the right time in my life (1972) that I enjoyed it. And, looking back now, I get a kick out of the now more well known actors running around in tights and singing. How can that not be fun?

Can you help me out with a few more titles?

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