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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Name it

"What's in a name?" Names seem to have been slamming me this morning, so I guess I'll talk about it.

I guess you can guess that I write. I signed up for a seminar today for writers and they ask you to ask a question ahead of time. I asked about naming characters. I turned on the TV and found George Stephenopolis chatting with a woman who was running for office (senate) in California. I do not know what party she is and for this discussion, it doesn't matter. I would vote for her just based on her name ...her name is Carly Fiornia !!! Talk about a fitting name!

In fiction, Margaret Mitchell's main character was named "Pansy" in Gone with the Wind. Can you hear Rhett Butler standing in the door saying "Frankly, Pansy, I don't give a damn" It just ain't right!

James Bond, Willie Wonka, Mom...Can you think of any other perfect names? Fiction or otherwise?


  1. I will ponder on this one. Maybe I can come up with something after MJ this afternoon. Doctor Doctor is good lol.