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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I can't hear you

MP3 players are 15 years old today. I still do not own one. Am I backwards? Mom got one a couple of Christmas’ ago and still is having some slight problems operating it. I am not not getting one of those things on purpose. Other than the money factor, I never considered music to be all that important in my life. Mom uses hers for audio books and I would probably do the same.

I see people using these personal audio devices while exercising, standing in lines, just around. I wonder what this constant noise is doing to the brain. Well, I guess I should take that wonder back. I constantly have noise going. While at home, I usually have the television on. When I am outside, gardening, mowing, whatever, I have noise in my head coming from my head. I get some really interesting thoughts going on in my head. Do those using those ear-budded micro-boxes get any interesting thoughts running about their brains? Probably, but I don’t think they can hear it over their favorite tunes.

You can have your private concerts and read-just-to-you books, I think I will keep my sanity, imagination and hearing.

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