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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Do you like scary movies? I think the first "scary" movie, a rated R film (by 2010 standards, they may have rated it PG-13), I watched was The Changeling starring George C. Scott. For me, at the time, a very scary ghost story. And, because it was, I think I have high standards for scary movies.

Tonight I am alone, sitting a couple of dogs and a cat, watching a marathon of scary movies, um, I mean remakes of scary movies. I turned on first one when it only had about half an hour left, When a Stranger Calls, made me think twice about watching the movie by myself in the dark while I was 'babysitting'.  They didn't do a half bad job with this one (of what I saw). The first one starred Carol Kane. She is no match for a stalker with those scary bug eyes of hers.  So the remake has a scarier bad guy and a more sympathetic victim than Carol.

The follow-up movie is the remake to Prom Night. Granted, the original with scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, was made during the height of 'great' slasher flicks. This remake just appears to be a reason to turn the white walls of a hotel red.

No problem tonight going to sleep.  I think I will put in my copy of The Changeling when I get home. I hope it is still scary after all these years.


  1. The Prom Night remake was not bad. I have even seen it several times. It had hardly any blood & gore. It was a little more suspenseful than spatterful.

    Maybe I just tuned all of the blood and guts out as I am desensitized to it? I don't know, but I liked Prom Night.

  2. Thanks, Kristi. It wasn't that bad. I just didn't think it was all that scary. I think a 'hidden' bad guy is a little scarier.