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Saturday, September 25, 2010

To The Skin

It's raining. This is the really nice kind of rain. No thunder. No lightning. Um. It is raining harder. What is that noise? I think the wind is picking up. WHAT IS that noise?? Hail. You have got to be kidding. Quick! take cover!

I remember once a time that my sister and I were visiting my cousins house in western Massachusetts. Oh, wait, was that in upstate NY? I can't remember now. Whatever. Anyway, the four of us got caught (caught?) in the rain and really played in it. We came back home soaked to the skin, head to sole. Aunt Barbara was livid. As we marched through the door single file, we each got a swack on the tush. Although it didn't physically hurt, it hurt me mentally.

I am still not sure what we did to get smacked. Our clothes were just wet, not like we were covered in paint.  Well, for what it's worth, sorry Aunt Barbara, but we had fun that day, to the skin, head to soul!

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