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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The grey sky nudges my memory toward thoughts of snow. A good old fashioned big-flaked snow. For a moment my heart skips a beat when I notice the sun brightening the southern sky. The northeast sky remains covered with the snow-filled clouds, now looking even more menacing. Menacing to those who are not into a snowfall in the near future and exciting to those who frequently hope for snow for the cold winter months.

The naked maple tree outside my window is alive.  Small birds flit between the branches and the feeder hanging from one of the limbs. Each type of bird has its own personality. Cardinals, red and crested, regal in the neighborhood. The chickadee, tiny and bold, quick and bright. The titmice try to be the cardinals but are more like the 'dees. Then the little sparrow who doesn't want to bother anyone. shy and timid, unsure of the others around him.

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