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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As I sit here watching the first snowfall of 2011 and going through pictures of 2010's Christmas Snow pics, I recall another snowfall a few years ago.

January 6, 1996 brought a blizzard to many states along the east coast of the US, including Virginia. At the time we owned a little 'fishing resort' on Buggs Island Lake near Clarksville, VA on the NC border. I recall the snow falling like it did when we lived in Minnesota (No, I am not going to do one of those flashbacks within a flashback storytelling here, too confusing!). My sister K was pregnant with her first child and had planned on moving from Virginia Beach (where her Navy husband was stationed, but was out at sea) to one of the cabins until her little girls was born.

Somehow, she made it the three hours through the storm to the end of our road (which was dirt/gravel surfaced). I can't figure out how we synchronized as cell phones were really not prevalent at that time but Mom and I walked through the snow, up the hill down the hill, up the hill, around the s-curves and then the flat 1/2 mile to the paved road. We met up with K and she drove us into town, picked up several half-gallons of milk and other staples (including chocolate) and my nephew M. As we could only make it back to the dirt road/paved road intersection, we left her little car there. We unloaded the car, her luggage, the groceries and ourselves and began the trudge back home. 

I know that it sounds like a negative event that I am recalling, what I can't put down on paper, because my memory is thin, I know that we had a good time through the entire week or so that we were snowed in. The laughs at falling in the snow and sliding down the hills during the trek and the spending of time together. 

Now, with large snowfalls frequently falling, we still have a grand time watching the snow, movies, reading and sitting by the fire. It is here, enjoy it while you can!

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