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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Funny Looks

Today, as a treat, I stopped and bought myself a $5 foot long. I think I only go to Subway for the mayonnaise.

Anyway, while the girl was waiting for my Oven Roasted Chicken Breast to toast, she began making a 6" sub. She cut open the bread, placed on the bacon, and chose a cardboard bowl of shaved beef. After closing the fridge bin, she looked at her choice, started to place it on her bread and pulled the pile of meat closer to her face, began to finger something in it, imperceptibly shrugged and then dumped the meat on to the bread.

In order to not laugh aloud, I turned my head. I wondered who the sandwich was for. For her-not really a problem, except what did she see in the meat that made her want to scratch it out? For a call-in customer-ew, she touched the meat with her finger, or so it seemed, and there might have been something foreign in it and she was giving it to them anyway.

For this reason, not knowing what is in the shaved meat, I choose the oven roasted chicken breast, at least it LOOKS like a chicken breast....

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