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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Okay, I figured it out. Why I am so against joining the tweeting nation on Twitter. The memories flooded my life this morning. Emotions apparently still vivid enough to return.

I remember a December evening many years ago. Christmas was in full swing with decorations around the house and movies on the television. I was working on some school work, deep in thought, trying very hard to concentrate. Christmas interfereing in a bad way. My parents were suddenly exposed to an emotional explosion from their most timid child.

I had been sitting at the dining room table concentrating on this homework and not understanding it. I don't know if the homework was really that difficult or if the Christmas distractions just caused the problems. I simply recall the explosion and the cause. A brand new addition to our Christmas tree decorations. Musical lights. The lights flashed and danced to selected Christmas songs played in a mechanical, dingy (and in my opinion), a non-musical fashion. The same song over and over and over and over and over and over and over (okay, I'll stop) again. I blew up, slamming and pounding and crying and grunting as only a teen can do.

Mom was very gentle and consoled me. Suggested that next time, to just ask for the offense to be turned off and then she tried to help me with this algebra. Thanks, Mom.

What got me thinking about this and connecting it to Tweeting. Just sit out on my back deck. The birds, tweeting away is very irritating...especially at 3AM....Arrgghhh!!!

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