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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Night Life

Remember back when you were a kid at bedtime? Were you the type that didn't want to go to bed? Night after night bedtime chores were a chore for your parents? What was your reason for not going to bed? For most, including myself, I never wanted to miss anything. I just knew that all the fun things happened after I went to bed. After awhile, as most people did, I grew out of it.

This morning I put together clues that I had been dropping for weeks.  (I am considering returning my Miss Marple Appreciation and Fan Club Membership Card.) I discovered the truth about what happens at night after bedtime.

The clues:
  1. My cat howls at the same time every night and morning. Is this the signal to begin and end a party?
  2. I awake at times in the night to thudding sounds. It sounds like a cat jumping from the counter. I know it isn't my Lizzie because she doesn't get on the counters. And, sometimes, there are several thuds in a row.
  3. After my 7-8 hour slumber, Lizzie's food dish is empty and her water cup is close to empty. But when return home after a LONG day working, there is still food and water aplenty. The only answer, visitors in the night.
  4. Lizzie sleeps ALL day long. I get up and she rushes to get onto my lap and falls asleep until I kick her out. When I leave for work, she is sleeping in her bed, or on my chair or on the sofa. When I come in from work, she is still sleeping wher I left her. When I sit down for the evening, she scurries up again onto my lap and sleeps until I go to bed.
My Lizze appears to be the hostess with the mostess all night long.  Can you come to any other conclusion?

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