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Saturday, June 2, 2012


It is so easy to become distracted these days. Television, with hundreds of channels to choose from not to mention the newest additions to the boob tube the streaming player. This little gadget adds the possibility of hundreds of different channels to watch hundreds of different movies and television shows from the past.  Then there is the internet. Social networking sites, news, weather, another outlet for television. Yes, the internet can be used for good, for research, but it is so easy to become distracted and slip into a gaming site.

Even as I sit here and write about distraction, a little green line appears under one of my sentences and distracts me. I try and ignore it, promising myself I can check into what this dreaded computer’s problem is when I finally get my point down on this virtual piece of paper, but, no, I can’t do it. I have to see what this silicon genius has to say. Slide the cursor, right click, fragment.  

Fragment. Argh, it did it again! Fragment. Well, honestly I don’t care if that particular sentence is a fragment. Fragmented sentences are a part of me. Sometimes I am a fragment. Sometimes my thoughts are fragments and that is what I wanted to impress upon my reader at the time.

Someday, computers will learn personalities of their users and accept the fact that sometimes grammatical errors, errors of other kinds, happen accidentally and sometimes on purpose. Of course, that may be impossible for a computer to actually understand that kind of a concept as, don’t they say, computers can only do as their programmer tells them to do when they are ‘born’. And many humans don’t even understand personalities.

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  1. Yes! I understand distractions! I got here because I was cleaning up "Tab" holdings....Saw HMDH, had not looked in a while, so....need I say more???I got distracted.