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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The CD that Changed the World

Monday marks the 30th  anniversary of the 'invention' of the CD player and CD disks.

Sony (with assistance from Philips) is credited with the invention. Although there were several 'popular' artists of the time, BeeGees, Billy Joel, ABBA, were chosen to be recorded on CD, most of the earliest Compact Discs were of classical music. The theory was since the Compact Disc enhanced the sound of music (no pun intended), CD players were very expensive, over $700 (equivalent to $1400 in today's economy) and that lovers of classical music would be the most to appreciate the quality and to afford the new machines.

It is like many inventions original intended for one thing or group of people and an entirely different set of users would be the most prominent demographic.  For instance, recently, I discovered in my collection of goodies is a View Master Viewer. They were originally designed to be an alternative, or even a replacement, to post cards. The picture discs were originally of popular vacation and tourist spots like Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Now, yes, they still make them!, and in their hey-day, the discs turned into an entertainment for children. Cartoons, TV shows, Movies, and Disney, lots of Disney.

We used to have 'shows'. Create a marquis and have a marathon or a 'triple feature' with the projector. We would take turns  coming up with discs that had a common thread then show them. What fun it was to try and figure out the theme.

Fun times in the 70's were so much more tame for kids than they are now, aren't they? I think I like the decade I was a kid!

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